Paul Ethan Austin

"In this beautiful, unflinching memoir, Paul Austin uses science, history, and a father's love and fear to trace his emotional journey with his daughter Sarah. Eventually, she becomes less his daughter with Down Syndrome and simply his daughter. And every step of the way you will root for Austin, for Sarah, for everyone who has had to learn how to accept the path they are on. I simply love this book!”—Ann Hood, author of The Obituary Writer

“Beautiful Eyes is honest, sensitive, exquisitely observed. A memoir not just for the immediate family of a child with Down Syndrome, but for the whole human family.”—Peggy Payne, author of Sister India

“Austin gives us a portrait of a spectacular young woman, his daughter Sarah, who is wise, bright, determined, often hilarious, occasionally sad, and always compelling. As we follow Sarah’s story, the label “Down Syndrome” begins to disappear, replaced instead by an image of a complicated and unforgettable human being.”—Dana Sachs, author of The Life We Were Given

Beautiful Eyes:
A Father Transformed

Available October, 2014


A book about fathering child with Down syndrome Available October 2014
A book about the way my job almost wrecked my life.