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Something For the Pain: Compassion and Burnout in the Emergency Room



"A stunning account of the chaos in the emergency room." Boston Globe



"This vivid memoir of an ER Doctor will make readers by turns cry and cringe. A definite page-turner and a riveting debut; highly recommended to public, hospital, and medical sciences libraries." Libraryjournal.com (American Library Association) Starred Review.



"A relentlessly honest look at modern emergency medicine...What makes this inspiring medical memoir stand out is the courageous measure of Austin's humanity..." Publishers Weekly



"Austin examines the diametrically opposed perils of cynical detachment and overemotional involvement, pondering the question of just how empathic a clinician can be and still be competent. An ER physician gives serious thought to what he does, how he does it, and what it does cost him." Kirkus Reviews.








Beautiful Eyes: A Father Transformed

"This isn't a book only for those dealing with disability; it's a ferocious, illuminating look at the stunning surprise of human connection." People Magazine

"A poignant and candid father's memoir." Kirkus Reviews



"In this beautiful, unflinching memoir, Paul Austin uses science, history, and a father's love and fear to trace his emotional journey with his daughter Sarah. I simply love this book!"— Ann Hood, author of The Obituary Writer