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Something For the Pain: Compassion and Burnout in the Emergency Room

"A stunning account of the chaos of the emergency room."
Barbara Fisher, Boston Sunday Globe


"A definite page-turner and a riveting debut; highly recommended to public, hospital, and medical sciences libraries."
Starred Review - Library Journal, American Library Association

"With a relentlessly honest look at modern emergency medicine, Austin, a former firefighter now living in Durham, N.C., writes in his debut book… What makes this inspiring medical memoir stand out is the courageous measure of Austin’s humanity…"
Publishers' Weekly


"Austin examines the diametrically opposed perils of cynical detachment and overemotional involvement..."
Kirkus Reviews


"The searing honesty of Something For the Pain makes the heart glad and breaks it at the same time."
Randall Kenan, author of The Fire This Time